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    Manage your world and keep your sanity with PTO Toolkit. Everything you need to effectively communicate with your parent group and manage your group activities are all in one, easy-to-navigate space. You can manage and share important group information on your time and in your way.

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  • Multi-Language Translation

    Communicate like never before to your parents! With our built-in Language Translator, everyone will stay informed

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  • Manage volunteer events like a boss

    Your group will appreciate that you chose the simple, user-friendly features and experience of PTO Toolkit. And with easier emails, automated reminders, and no more paper, you can win, too. Count on your PTOToolkit to bring some sanity and security that it is done right every time.

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  • Stay in touch with your group

    Stay in touch by either texting or emailing your group information about upcoming meetings, volunteer events and more. Add images and formatting quickly and easily. Get started today.

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Plan class parties and events, recruit parent help for carnivals, collect teacher appreciation gift money, organize book fair volunteers and more.

Email Newsletter

Create colorful and creative email newsletters.  With a few easy steps, you are on your way!

Member Management

Easily manage your parent groups, add and delete members, generate reports and download lists

Site Builder

Add information, pictures and more to your public site by posting a simple form.

Sign Up Sheets

Plan without frustrating ‘reply-all’ email chains, clipboards to pass around or spreadsheets to juggle.


Communicate the way you and your parents want.  Text reminders are a powerful communication tool


Include all your families with your PTOToolkit built in Language Translation

School Store

Make your school spirit items available for purchase online.

Top 3 Reasons to Use PTOToolkit

The confidence that with your PTOToolkit, your membership drives, fundraising efforts, events and activities are sure to be a success. Signing up and participation are easy—for everyone. As a result, you’ll see more people sign up and show up when you need them. 
Coordination of people and activities is easy—for everyone. Your group will appreciate that you chose the simple, flexible, user-friendly features and experience unique to your PTOToolkit. And with easy email newsletters, automated reminders, simple signups,  and no more spreadsheets to juggle, you can win, too. Count on your PTOToolkit activity bring you piece of mind it’s done right.
You'll do more for yourself and others. By minimizing the stress and tedious hassle of coordination, you can focus on what matters most to you. Whether it’s more time with friends and family, workplace recognition, giving back to cause you care about, or any other goal that brings you happiness,  PTOToolkit will help you do more.

Build a Custom PTOToolkit

Customize your PTOToolkit landing page with logos, content and other information. All of your content will be available in multiple languages automatically.


Invite your Parents to join your list

Your parents can easily register to receive information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising.

Communicate in many ways

Send emails, send texts, set up volunteer opportunities, promote fundraising easily in a simple, uncluttered Toolkit.

Stay in Touch on all platforms

Stay in touch with your parent group by making your contact information, meeting notes, volunteer events and school store available 24/7 via your customized Toolkit.

Collect Payments

Need a low cost, simple way to collect money from your group? We’ve got you covered. Our simple integration with PayPal lets you start collecting money immediately from your sign up page. Collect funds for…
  • Fundraising Donations
  • Event Registrations
  • Group Gifts
  • Membership Fees
  • And Much More!